7Zip Bench

169985 MIPS

3rd Best 3950X Overall

This is my best bench and was set with CCD1 at 4650mhz and CCD2 at 4350mhz

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra

7802 Overall Score - 35034 Physics Score

1080ti combined with 3950x all core at 4350mhz

AIDA 64 Memory Read

60025 MB/s

64GB Hynix DJR Ram.

I Found enabling C-states improved memory speed on AIDA

Cinebench R15

3950X Score 4583

4.650GHZ CCD1 & 4.350 CCD2

Cinebench R11.5

3950X Score 50.36

4.650GHZ CCD1 & 4.350 CCD2

Ive found with most of my scores that I am top 3 on Water.   The 7 or 8 above me are on DICE or LN2

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