New Photos. Canvas Art & A Blanket! 

Only took me 6 months to update this but here goes.

Over the few years Ive built up enough of a portfolio of Photos to justify putting some on Canvas Art starting with the blue sunset. Im still learning the difference in going to the same place and getting massively different photos because of the time of day and also you never have to travel too far away from home to get good pictures.

With this in mind I took to heading out some places and getting a good few photos after a bad start to the year and now there are over 210 Photos that I deem ok to show off. My confidence has grown alot in the last few months as well. My twitter has grown a decent amount of followers and im starting flicker (Links to both above) 

I have also new Canvas Art and even a blanket for sale now, having just ordered one each to go up in my favorite record shop Wax and Beans in Bury. With that in mind I have also ordered my first set of business cards for it. Not sure if this fully means ive gone pro but I must be close to it. 

Current Projects

2021 A Big Year For Photos

I am doing a big year for 2021 where I have (At Least) 365 Photos for the year from as many locations as possible. The end result photos are uploaded in sections


Updated 8 Months Later. Cracked the 365 Photos already But I keep building the portfolio 

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