This is it!

After years of saying I was going to do something on my website, Ive found the time to put something together.

Needed some actual content to put on and last years trip to Taiwan helped massively but the new PC build was the icing on the cake and all its problems with memory and booting.

Anyway. An Introduction

Ive ended up with a nickname that has out grown my real name so now people just call me Whiskey

Professionally, Ive been in a few jobs before I wanted to do things on my own. All the Jobs Ive had have been in technical support and I find myself still troubleshooting things most days. So ive been meaning to write about those experiences.

Casually my knowledge and love of tech comes from A Commodore Amiga 500 I had when I was 3. I believe I am far from alone growing up on PC's from a 286 to a K6 233 to a Q6600

I have travelled to CES, Computex & Other shows and will continue to do so in the future but I need something to put everything I see onto. So let me explain the philosophy for the site.

Honest Opinion

No Shilling

There will be no paid item reviews here.

I Pay for my own stuff and have an actual opinion on if its worth the money. If I think something is bad I will honestly tell them regardless of the standing it leaves. So no sponsored articles.

Sharing Knowledge

Accurate Information

Having already written a lot in terms of helping people this year alone. There is a wealth of information that I have found useful to share

I Try my best to make the sure information I provide is correct however if I fail feel free to let me no what I have said that is wrong.


Have Fun

Why so Serious ?

There are people that are constantly negative towards everything and constantly bad month products. I am not one of those people and if you are you're not welcome here. Just because its something you dont own doesn't make it bad. 

We are only here to enjoy ourselves. The tech industry is serious enough without all the negativity and critique. I for one would like to remain on the positive side.

The Hope of a Growing Community

In the Pursuit of Technology & Good Times

As The Internet gets bigger and everyone wants to be a Streamers or Influencer, Im hoping my little corner can be a safe haven for those in the hobbies we share.

There is nothing that makes me more happy then people engage and sharing knowledge and ideas on subjects that are all I for one have ever known.

Current Projects

A Fresh Start.

Given I am just bringing this site online. I will be adding a fair amount of content over the new few weeks and months from projects and experiences that have led up to this point.

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