Its Been Even Longer

Updating This site has sort of been on the back burner due to creating so many other projects not least CupofTea.Social

I noticed alot of people have been seeing my watermarks and going here as I got alerts from my web host telling me ive exceeded my quota !

So I guess Thanks ?

Ive actually come off all other social networks and is the only thing Im on aside from maybe flickr again but at the moment im not posting photos on there as I dont have the time im afraid.

Anyway. Ive created a social network that is for wholesome and postative content in

Its a small community that grows in waves. It had 5000 at point, lost a few then people came back. So its changes alot and who knows by the time I update this again.

Current Projects

2023/4 Helping Other Peoples Mental Health

Im doing alright in myself. So in November last year I started my own social network as I got tired of seeing constantly negativity and I thought the social network world could do with something it hasnt seen in years a positive and wholesome social network.

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