Its Been A While

Another Year Or So on down the road and I find I have less time to keep this up to date. My Etsy Shop is still running even though Ive sold just the one canvas at Christmas and didnt even get a review which was nice. 

So much has happened in over year. Ive seen some amazing landscapes. Had some near accidents whilst out on the mountains and sold the rights to a photo. 

2021 Ended with a surreal experiance on Winter Hill with a cloud inversion which gave me so many photos in one go it was insane. I discovered that all my photos from 2019 were in fact taken with default ISO setting of 1000 which may have caused a fluke on some photos but mostly just caused alot of noise.

Adobe Lightroom has really helped in adding and updating alot of photos that were maybe a little rough and needed fixing in a few places. Im currently learning all about masking with it. 

Current Projects

2022 Helping my Mental Health

I ended up having quiet a tough few months at the beginning of the year and have spent most lof it trying to build my mental health up again to a point of absolute calm. Of Course the Landscape Photography Helps with this and I know I need to just get out more with the camera. But money is the issue and having not had much success in selling canvases or rights aside from 1 a piece. My goal is find a balance of working on getting my "brand" out there for people to know about but also enjoy it and take time out to add new photos. 

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